Navigating Belfast


Navigating Belfast

By Colleen Ferguson

These past few days have been nothing short of an adventure. First off, I must credit everyone who has learned the city within a matter of hours, because I am still attempting to navigate my way through the halls of level two of the Premier Inn.

Today started off with an early morning and a trip to the Titanic Museum where we began to understand just how much the city of Belfast has depended on ship building. With the evolution of the city and the late influx of tourism, Belfast is now the largest city in Northern Ireland. After hearing the stories of the survivors and taking an endless amount of pictures staged as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet we were off to see even more of the city.


Reagan (Jack) & Allison (Rose)

Our next trip was a bus tour to the castles nestled throughout the Belfast countryside. But we first needed to find the bus stop, which was more difficult than planned. We first went off to a location we assumed to be correct but saw no bus, we asked the locals and were pointed just down the street. Once we arrived to this location we still were questioning if this was the stop we needed to be at; this was also wrong.  After one more time of walking the wrong direction we found a worker who directed us to the correct spot (our original location). It was surprising to see such little advertisements at the pick-up points of a tour.


Belfast Castle


Bus Tour of Belfast

Reflecting back on the past few days, I am starting to see the relaxed culture of Northern Ireland. Promptness is something that is rather scarce, and time just a concept to the Irish. In the United States, schedules are something that we abide by; but when it took 20 minutes to find our bus and it pulled up ten minutes late, it was normal to the Irish.

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