Outskirts of Belfast


Today, we got up early to take on the Titanic Tour. On our way to the tour I was already excited to see what the museum had to offer, and I was blown away on how interactive and enlightening the tour was. The whole set up of the museum was well put together, with many pictures, stories, and replicas of how the ship was made, along with rooms that people who went on the Titanic had to stay in. While viewing many of the pictures and reading some brief information about the Titanic, I came across a wall that had some old newspapers and signs that had messages regarding the Titanic, which I thought was really cool. Mainly, the ads involved the White Star Line. The White Star Line was a shipping company that helped make the Titanic come alive. GOPR0693.jpg

After the amazing Titanic tour, we then hopped on a the bus tour that took us around just the other day, and took their “green route tour”. This took us more into the cliffs, and mountains of northern Ireland, and from there, we were able to visit two castles, and learn more about the outskirts of Belfast. It was a beautiful tour, and it gave us a greater look on what the country brings. Since we’ve landed in Belfast, I have been dying to visit the mountains and view the city from them, so I was extremely excited that we were able to visit the Belfast Castle. The view was beautiful, and to be able to step foot onto this castle was truly a great experience.



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