Sinking Ships and Death Grips


Last full day in Belfast, so of course we had to go everywhere on our list.

By Emma Fleming

My day started at 8:30 this morning and I was surprisingly awake, probably because I fell asleep at 9:30 P.M. again whoops! That was probably a good thing because, as my friends know, I need my sleep maybe more than I need to be fed. After my first actual full breakfast, we headed to the Titanic Museum in Belfast to go on a self-guided tour. Wow, was I shocked at how much I didn’t know about this ship…or should I say how much wasn’t included in the movie. One of my favorite things this museum had was an interactive screen where you could search for the passengers. Obviously, I searched for my last name and two entries came up. Although this was a little eerie, it made me want to search into this further. Mom and dad if you’re reading this, we should look these people up and ask around…I’m beyond curious.


After going through the museum and looking at artifacts, model rooms, and a movie showing the remains of the ship, a few of us decided to head to a “haunted” prison that our driver yesterday as well as a few locals from the Dirty Onion (I’ll never get over that name) had suggested. The ride over we were trying to hype ourselves up for it, but I think we made ourselves more nervous. First thing we did after getting out tickets was stop at the “toilets” as they call them here. Not the most elegant name, but we have to blend in as much as possible, so our accents and slang are in full gear (Our accents might actually make us stick out more because we sound ridiculous/way off). Already feeling spooked being in this haunted building, one of my friends decided to turn the lights off so it was pitch black in the room and I don’t know if I’ve ever been more horrified in my life. The shaking of my whole body didn’t end for a while after that. The tour of the prison was eerie and somber but overall very interesting. We saw the holding cells, the exercise yard, the execution room (which was very very spooky), and normal jail cells.


3 o’clock in my world usually means, nap time, but I might try and search these Titanic passengers until I figure out who they are. Tomorrow we are headed west then to Dublin in a few days. I am so eager to see what Dublin has in store.

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