The titanic went down and took my phone with it.


by: Darien Velasquez

Today was only day TWO into our scheduled Belfast adventure, and it’s also the last day of our Belfast adventure.

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Today I had the privilege of going to the Titanic experience…and more than once at that. After leaving the experience I had an “experience” of my own. I went to take a photo once back on the bus and realized I had lost my phone “per usual”. This is something I am very familiar with unfortunately but losing your only source of communication in a foreign place does something to a person. To no surprise I had a meltdown and found it 30 minutes later at the service desk. I didn’t get a receipt for the 20 cabs I took but it was honestly the best pounds I had spent all trip.

In media related news…today at the Titanic experience (well the first time that is) I went into a wing where there was a wall of photos and movie posters made off of the historical Titanic…except the point of the photos were to compare what was real and what wasn’t. It showed what the media has done and what the media can do to twist it around a little bit and make it their own. What’s myth and what’s reality?..that’s what was so cool about it. It compared and contrasted and pointed out things you wouldn’t notice otherwise.


I also went on a last minute castle tour with the squad of the year and that was remarkable. I can’t put words to the view that I saw and I honestly wonder if I will ever see something that amazing ever again. I feel blessed being here. I would strongly encourage this program to include the castle tours because that did it for me. I’m still in awe.


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