Titanic&Prison.. what an eventful day!


By: Alexandria Hughes

Today is Day 4, we began our day exploring the Titanic Museum. Upon arriving we were unsure of what to expect nor did we have any knowledge of what actually happened during the Titanic, besides for what we watched in movies. The museum began by exploring Belfast and the many industries that make this city such a thriving town. As many may not know, Belfast began as the linen capital of the world; individuals from all over the country fled to Belfast to find jobs. In addition to the linen business, Belfast later became known world wide for their famous ship construction company, Harlond & Wolff. Worldwide you ask? Well yes, this was the company that constructed the Titanic! In the museum they took us through an interactive ride where we saw the construction of the ship as well as a live video of the interior.

Ride showing the construction process

Through modern day media films we are able to get a grasp of the general events that led to the sinking of the Titanic; however, I believe the ability for the museum to use media technology to imitate a similar enviroment and to express the live events of the tragedy makes it much more intriguing. Attached below I have a few pictures of the messages sent prior and during the sinking of the ship.

It is interesting to see the difference between thes series of events that took place  in the Hollywood movies and the actual messages that were sent.

Apart from the group activity, a few of us went on a tour to the Crumlin Road Gaol, a prison open from 1845 to 1996. We were able to see the inside of this previously thriving prison. There were 4 divisions of the prison; prisoners were placed into each division based on what they were being prosecuted for. We also were able to see the ropes used to hang individuals sentenced to the death penalty as well as the equiptment used for the lashing of those that disobeyed the guards orders.

Check out more about the Crumlin Road Gaol!

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