Tourism at its Finest


By Brooke Segal

Day 4 started and ended with insightful tours. Got up bright and early to hit the road for the Titanic Museum. Growing up, I watched The Titanic weekly and always wanted to wear a “Rose dress”. The museum made me realize no matter how bad I want the infamous movie to be a true story, it didn’t depict exactly what the Titanic was about.

The “Myths” of the Titanic depicted in movies.

The information within the museum was interesting, but the way the museum displayed the information was what intrigued me. The interactive displays with touch screens and audio playbacks throughout the walkways was multi media being used at its best. “The sinking” floor of the exhibit was by far my favorite. This floor had displays of messages being sent from the Titanic while it was sinking and audio of survivors stories.

The Titanic reaching out for help. 


Later in the day, a group of us headed to the Crumlin Road Gaol (I went kicking and screaming). The jail was shut down almost 20 years ago and has reported paranormal activity. As I was holding onto people and covering my face, I was waiting for something to pop out of the corner. Yes, I am dramatic when it comes to all things paranormal. The jail does in fact have social media accounts, which have pictures of paranormal activity that has been pictured along the tour. Their Facebook account has a picture with a young girl on the stairs. Makes my skin crawl!!!!

Jail classified as a grade B building, as the exterior remains the same and the interior has been changed.


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