A Site to Sea


After a few days in Belfast, we onward our journey to Dublin, Ireland. We all hopped on the “Shamrocker” tour, which traveled along side of the coast of Northern Ireland. Along the way, we were able to see many beautiful sites as well as take in the beautiful sceneries that came along with the bus ride. Our journey to Dublin, Ireland is a three-day expedition, so today was our first stay in Ballintoy, Ireland. While at our stay, we were fortunate enough to go and walk the trails of the “Giants Causeway”, these were mountains that ran along the coast. The image view was stunning, and no picture could ever equal out to what the naked eye witnessed. After we were able to see the Giants Causeway, we then ventured out to a nearby castle that was called, Dunluce Castle. This castle was owned by the MacDonell family, and the family owned the castle since the 15th century. Now, the castle is nothing but old rock and stone hanging along side of the cliff, looking out towards the Atlantic Ocean, but the history behind the castle, and the fact that the castle endured so much since it was built, made this attraction a site to see.


Furthermore, we were able to see one more attraction for the day, and for Game of Thrones fans, this attraction was a heavy-hitter. They brought us to a place called, “The Dark Hedges”. This was a road that was covered with beach trees. It was said that the family that planted the trees, purposely planted them a certain way, so that the trees could end up reach each other. People around Ballintoy said that the trees were only supposed to be around for 200 years, but have passed that milestone and are now standing tall for roughly 250 years, which is amazing. The sites we saw today were amazing, and I cant wait to see what is in store for our next two days.FullSizeRender-2.jpg

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