All Part of the Experience


All Part of the Experience

By Sarah Staelgraeve

Where we stayed last night was only the second place we have slept at. The new smaller rooms/beds and no Wi-Fi was an adjustment for us all. Although it wasn’t the nicest place I’ve ever stayed in I’m glad we stopped there in the town with a population of 160 people. I believe one of the most important parts of this entire trip is experiencing the people’s cultures. A lot of Ireland is small towns, having no Wi-Fi for a night was a good thing for us all (even if it didn’t seem like it at the time).

Before we knew it the stay at the first hostel was over and we were on the road again for day two. Today consisted of only two main stops, one at ancient fortress and one at more mountains. It was amazing to be able to walk all around these landscapes and take in the beauty of Ireland.

beautiful views from our hike in the mountains


I also thought even just driving around in the bus was a good time. We were speedily weaving our way through the mountains passing rivers, streams, sheep and houses. I have been to California once and that is as close as I have been to tall mountains. Ireland scenery is something so unique and amazing to anything I have ever witnessed before. The roads were extremely narrow and in the back of the bus we were jumping out of the seats at every bump. The bus filled up with laughter and we carried on to our next hostel destination.


fun Ireland fairytale

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