An Ode to Wifi


An Ode to Wifi

By Katie Gotta


In my generation, wifi has become such an important part of daily life- and I hate it. I hate that it’s embedded in our thoughts that we want to take a picture just because we want to post it on Instagram to show off the world instead of wanting one for your own memories. I have that we feel that we have to be in constant communication with people from home. And I hate it when people would rather stay in and “wifi” (verb) as tour guide Dave would say.


Wifi has ruined our appreciation for the little things in life. No longer can we sit down and just talk. Everyone seems to be on their phones so much so that we have to make no phone rules when we’re out trying to enjoy ourselves and make memories. I will admit that I am absolutely at fault for wanting wifi so that I can talk to my friends and family from home, but at the same time I kind of like not having wifi everywhere we go. It forces me to make connections in the real world and to further live in the moment, something that I’ve noticed my generation in particular struggles with simply because of the technological age that we’ve grown up in. I love that I can go to places in Ireland and not bring my phone just to be disconnected from the world for a bit.IMG_4666.JPG

Just yesterday, news broke that a plane crashed off the coast of Greece in the Mediterranean going from Paris to Egypt, but due to the lack of service our entire group was unaware about the horror until late that night when I received a message from my dad about being forbidden from Paris (we’ll see, dad) due to it.

I have loved being in Ireland and feeling safe, while also not feeling like I have to be glued to my phone at all times. I have learned so much more than I would have with constant media and wifi, and learned a valuable lesson on taking a step back and learning to enjoy the beauties of nature and life through my own eyes.


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