Building Character


Gorgeous Coastlines

By Emma Fleming

After the perfect amount of time in Belfast, the group headed onto a guided tour/road trip North and then West. I cannot begin to explain how beautiful these little towns we went through were. The coast was a contrast of Kelly green and dark blue with light blue waves crashing upon the rocks. After a few hours on the bus with occasional stops along we way, we made it to our main destination which was the Giant’s Causeway. We hiked about 4 miles and although it was windy at times, the weather was perfect. We crossed a little roadblock when we remembered that we had to climb a set of stairs that were steep with tiny little steps. I don’t know if I was more winded or scared, but the two kind of cancelled each other out.

Set of narrow steps to make our way down the cliffs. Eventually, we had to head up these. That was definitely my workout for the week.

After the hike, we visited the gift shop and preceded to go on the bus for our last stop, which was the beautiful Dunluce Castle, and finally the hostel. This is my first time in a hostel or really anything like it. Let me just say that this one night stay made me feel very grateful for the life that I am able to live. The rooms consisted of three bunk beds, so there were six of us in one rather small room. Although this living situation wasn’t ideal, it’ll build character right? That’s what I’ll tell myself for now. What I did notice about the 160 person town (with not an once of Wi-Fi, might I add) was that there were not many clear signs of places to go or showing people what the town had to offer. If our tour guide didn’t tell us that there was a restaurant AND a pub in town, I think I would’ve aimlessly wandered for miles. Next, day two of the Shamrocker tour and headed west!



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