Cliff’s & Castles


Cliff’s & Castles

By Sarah Staelgraeve

Growing up in America beautiful Ireland coast lines are portrayed often in the media in movies, television shows, post cards, and calendars. As a young child seeing these beautiful images, I would have never dreamt I would be one day walking them, seeing the views for myself.

Today we reached the coast via the Shamrocker tour bus. It’s a nice bus that travels around Ireland for three days with a tour guide. We were picked up at 9 AM and began our three-day bus ride that will end in Dublin. Three stops were made along the way on day one of Shamrocker tour. Giant’s Causeway, the first stop, was my personal favorite. The beauty of the scenery was something that shouldn’t be explained by words, you can truly only understand it when being in its presence. Scotland’s cost line was visible in the distance. Our tour guide explained to us that the spot, The Giant’s Causeway, got its name from an old Ireland myth about Irish and Scottish giants throwing rocks at each other.


Stop two was Dunlace Castle. To be honest, I was expecting a full intact castle to be standing there when we pulled up, but it was a little different than that. It was the remains of what had been a castle long ago. Walking through it was bizarre to me because I kept thinking about the people that had been in the castle when it was still standing completely intact.



The final stop of the exhausting event filled day was a road where Game of Thrones had filmed before. I haven’t gotten hooked on the TV show yet, but I know a lot of my friends and family are very much into it.

When I return home I definitely will start to watch the show to see what the road and trees look like on the television show everyone raves about. I’m still in shock that I get to experience all of these fantastic things the at the age of 20.

click here for information about our tour adventure

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