Day Six.


Day Six.

By Colleen Ferguson

The past two days I have been searching for a leprechaun. So far, no luck. What I have seen has been just as amazing. The majority of West Ireland appears to be a very popular location for filming a lot of movies and television shows. Star Wars and Game of Thrones are just two of the many productions that have filmed in locations like Giants Causeway and the Dark Hedges. Our three-day Shamrocker tour took us to each of these locations. What I find most interesting is that these locations are so beautiful but when we look to each place when watching these films and television shows they look so completely different. The use of Photoshop and CGI takes these places that are known for their beauty and manipulates them into something completely new.

CGI (computer-generated imagery) is both terrible and amazing in that way. It can take something so beautiful like the castle we were at and make it almost unrecognizable. But it can also take something and make it into a creation unlike anything we have ever seen before. The ability to Photoshop makes me wonder why Game of Thrones and other shows and film crews go all the way to remote locations to film when they could just draw the entire thing up on a computer if they really wanted to.

Slieve League Cliffs

Tomorrow we are off to Dublin! Five days into a five-week journey, that will end with amazing stories and memories.

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