Get me off of the Magic School Bus


Get me off of the Magic School Bus

By Colleen Ferguson
May 20, 2016

Day three of the Shamrocker has come to a close and I cannot lie when I say I am a little relieved to be off of that bus. Motion sickness became a thing on day two for about fifty percent of the people on the bus. We all survived the three day trip across the country and are now safely in Dublin, Ireland.

Slieve League Cliffs

We’ve been here for about five hours and are settling in at Jacob’s Inn. Out of all of the places we have seen in Ireland and Northern Ireland, Dublin is the most comparable to America. First off, just the multitude of food options is a step up from Belfast. In Belfast, doors shut at around 7pm for the night. Here, while some doors do close early, there is a lot more open later (stores included).

While a lot of Ireland and Northern Ireland were slow-paced and relaxed, Dublin is a much more faced-paced city. This is the biggest reason that it is comparable to America. Every person we passed seemed like they had a place to go; everyone was moving. This was surprising to me, I thought that when I got into the city it would be much more like Belfast.The similarities to America were very surprising. I feel like in the media, Ireland is portrayed as a country that likes to take things slow. But while this was the case for some, for many, it was quite the opposite.

As the days keep going I am positive that there will be so many things that I begin to see parallel America in Dublin. We have four full days here, then we are off onto our next adventure, Cardiff, Wales.

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