Good Wishes

Tiny little one man bridge to get to the fairy tree

By Emma Fleming

Finally, we are off to Dublin! It was about a four hour drive from our hostel to Dublin, but we had a long day ahead of us because we had some stops. I had heard from a friend about these fairies in Scotland, so when I heard our tour guide mention them, I immediately listened. This is just what I needed after a long days travel. After winding down a few narrow roads, we parked in front of a tree with a little water in front of it and strings tied all over it. The story here is that you dip a string in the little creek in front of the tree and tie it to a branch. You then say a prayer or make a wish on someone else’s behalf and when  the string comes off the branch, that wish is supposed to come true. I’d tell you all what my wish is but we all know how it goes…if I tell you it won’t come true. Since I am on a trip related to mass media I need to have an eye out for advertisements, PR, etc. One thing that was so prominent to me in Ireland was the prominence of Guinness. There are signs everywhere. Even at the little town’s pubs that we passed through, they will have one sign and one sign only and it will be Guinness. We are touring the factory in a few days and this will be the first time I try it (yes, seriously). I’m glad to have all of this travel done with for the time being and I’m ready to enjoy Dublin.

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