Hikes and Heights

We made it to the top!

By Emma Fleming

After a day filled with hikes and heights, today was filled with….drum roll… more heights and hikes! We went to the highest cliffs in Europe, called the Slieve League Cliffs. Once again, after a very bumpy (butt/whole body off the seat at times) few hours drive filled with stops to local markets and cafes, we made our way up a hill about two miles long. Along the way, seriously within 10 feet of us, were the cutest little baby lambs. If I could just snatch one and take one home with me, I would they’re like little puppies minus the bark. Naturally, I stayed a very healthy distance from the edge of the cliff because I thought the wind was going to take me away any second.

They were so breathtaking, though, so that made me feel better and made it more than worth it. It is just still amazing to me how beautiful Finally, we have made it to the hostel and it seems like the Ritz Carlton (might be a little dramatic) compared to yesterday. We got all settled in and now I am ready for a good nights rest and to head on the road to finish the Shamrocker tour tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be heading to Dublin. Let me add in really quick that I have never been more grateful to have Wi-Fi and be connected to the internet world and less grateful to be in group chats. The no Wi-fi was probably good for all of us, but that meant that we actually had to TALK *gasp* to each other. Like I said, tomorrow we are finally headed to Dublin for a few days filled with who knows what.

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