By Ally Hamzey

Storytelling is what makes history intriguing to most. It isn’t usually the numbers or the dates, it is almost always the personal stories associated with history that compel. The rich history of this country is much richer when supported with tales or stories associated with the history.

These stories can be detailed accounts of history, sad remembrances of tragedies, or tall tales about giants. Either way, each bring a different, humanizing or interesting element to history that puts it in a new perspective.

Giant’s Causeway.

When we attended a castle and attended a tour from a tour guide, we were standing in a beautiful castle, with a fair amount of erosion. There was not a roof, nor was there furniture. As you can infer, it was difficult to imagine what life had been like for the original family who had lived there, or even what each room’s purpose was. However, through the method of storytelling and imagery, our tour guide’s detailed accounts of what every room’s purpose and use was made the history of the castle a clear image.

We drove to the Dark Hedges, a road decorated with 250-year-old trees on both sides, all the way down. The show Games of Thrones has filmed several scenes there, which subsequently attracts many tourists. The trees were stunning and the sight was beautiful. However, I couldn’t help but wonder how many tourists would drive out to see the Dark Hedges if it wasn’t in a few scenes from a hit TV show.

Enjoying a wee snack at Giant’s Causeway.



The story attached to the Dark Hedges is what accelerates the interest for tourists. The storyline from the plot of that peculiar episode that they enjoyed, or the simple story one would be able to tell friends after: “Hey, I went to a place where Games of Thrones was filmed.” The stories attached to these pieces of history, whether it involves nonfictional characters or fictional characters, all put history into perspective and allure people all the more.

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