By Holly Harestad


Today was our first day on our “Shamrocker” adventure! Although sad to leave Belfast (we were getting really good at finding all of our favorite spots) we hopped on the tour bus at 9 am sharp and were excited to see what was in store! The drive began with a friendly bus driver and an outgoing tour guide. As we drove past the water with the beautiful, green hills towering over, you couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with knowing you are being totally immersed in a different scenery and culture.

Our first stop was at “Giant’s Causeway.” An extremely popular tourist attraction with an extraordinary view. As we started walking, we watched as the waves crashed up on to the hills and just really tried taking it all in. The amount of pictures I have of me trying to look cute next to the nearly perfect outlook is almost hilarious. However, I really couldn’t help it. I’ve seen a lot of pretty views in my nineteen years but this one was uniquely stunning.


We chose to walk around the “red trail” which seemed really nice and breezy walking down. It was the 15,000 steps up the hill that got to me. J Overall, so worth it though. To one side of me was a ginormous body of water and to the other were tons and tons of sheep grazing and lounging in the grass, you couldn’t beat it.

The last stop on the shamrocker tour that day, ended up being in more than a thousand-year-old castle. To be standing somewhere where masses of people have stood before you, same flooring and everything, is too much to wrap my mind around. Our guide showed us where the guests horses would’ve been put, the balcony (which was unheard of so therefore very prestigious), the living area with a huge fireplace, and the kitchen with the same exact stone tiling that had been put in so long ago. It was amazing.



We ended our night getting dinner together at one of TWO pubs that we were in the small city our hostel was located in. Let me be the first to say, towns of less than 160 people, do make the best food. Head to isolated areas for yummy dinner and good times!



Giant’s Causeway – More

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