Take It All In!


Staying in the hostel was a humbling experience to say the least. I did enjoy not having Wi-Fi for the night and getting to know other students on the trip. With numerous stops throughout the day, my favorite part was listening to the stories from the tour guide about the relationship with the U.S. presidents and the people of Ireland. America has a very strong Irish-American population, especially in Ohio. People of Irish decent typically vote for there own as they feel a sense of loyalty to their people. Barack Obama claimed to be of Irish descent going back eight generations. He made a visit to Ireland in 2011 and was welcomed as if “people were seeing the return of the Messiah”, said our tour guide. Upon his arrival he went straight to the pub. Very common for the Irish to welcome visitors by buying them a beer. The picture of him and his Guinness Beer went viral worldwide. Thus being major advertising for the brewery.

The stop of the day was a fort outside of Derry, Ireland, that was 4000 years old. Fighting is a big part of Northern Ireland’s history; from the oldest landmark of Ireland built for protection to the Peace Wall of Belfast that is still up today.


The night ended with a delicious dinner with Sue and friends and movies in our cozy hostel looking at the beautiful view. Here’s to yummy food and Wi-Fi! Can’t wait to head to Dublin bright and early tomorrow!

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