The hostile hostel


Yesterday was an experience of a lifetime for me. Visiting slieve league was something I will never forget. The view looked like something you would see on a postcard only better. Trying to explain the view to my dad was nearly impossible. The hostel was beautiful and our bathtub was big enough to clean the entire village. We also visited a castle where we walked on the same turf as the original Irish men and woman that lived there. We were able to see the original structure and not just pictures of it which made it that much more interesting.

Yesterday was a day where I didn’t relate so much to the media aspect but to the culture. I took in every bit of information that I could from the shamrock tour and asked tons of questions. I was able to have one on one conversations with the tour guides about where they come from and what their story was. I was able to get more cultivated in the culture as well as compare and contrast to some things we do back in the states and even stuff that I do back at home.

There was some type of pub party last night where Aron from our group got on the drums and where we were able to meet locals from the village and talk to them. We were drawn to the Guinness advertisements in the window and made ourselves right at home. The people were so friendly and the music was great. That was my favorite pub experience so far!


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