Views, Views, Views


By Morgan Lauer



Today we continued on our bus tour. We visited some of the Slieve League highest sea cliffs in the world and it was breathtaking. It was super windy and a little rainy and foggy but it was still unbelievably beautiful. I’ve seen pictures and videos of mountains and cliffs like this, but nothing compares to actually experiencing it. I have never seen such beautiful views in my entire life. It really made me appreciate what was in front of me and was truly humbling and life changing. I wish that the pictures and videos that I took could actually depict the actual sight and what it felt like to be there.

We are staying at another hostel; this one was way better than last night. It is in a pretty small town again, and we have to drive a few miles to reach the nearest restaurant/pub. It feels like we are staying in a cottage by a lake. The wifi does not work well once again; it only workedIMG_6207
for a little while and is super slow. The title of the Hostel’s wifi stuck out to me though. It was called “Like us on Facebook again”. I thought that this was a really clever way to promote their Facebook page and the hostel itself. Tomorrow IMG_6225we are off to

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  1. Catherine Brodhead-Lauer says:

    Absolutely breathtaking!


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