We love Roadtrips!


By: Alexandria Hughes

May 19, 2016

            Today is the 6th day of our adventure on the road. We began our day at the hostel where they provided us with a breakfast. After we finished up eating and packing everything we headed back onto the Shamrock bus for day 2 of our adventure. Today our first stop was at the tallest mountains in Europe.

IMG_9836 We did a similar hike yesterday, however I would say this one was especially unforgettable. The feeling you get when walking miles up high mountains surrounded by beautiful scenery and baby blue water is a feeling that you cannot understand unless you are in this situation. While taking in all of this I realized how lucky I am to be able to travel the world at such a young age. Our second stop was to an ancient fort which is supposedly the oldest structure in Northern Ireland. Between the castle we saw yesterday and this ancient fort shows that Ireland shows a lot of pride in its history.

Panorama of the oldest structure in Northern Ireland

Between the two places we drove through miles of gorgeous scenery in the distance. After the two stops of the day we drove back to our new hostel which was significantly better than yesterdays. Once we arrived back to the hostel we went to the ONLY restaurant in Carrick.

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