A Grand Fecking Time


By Morgan Lauer


Last night we were told to prepare for a traditional Irish music session at the pub that night, where we were not suppose to talk while the performer was singing. It turned out to be completely different. There was a band and the entire pub was dancing and singing along. Every song that the band played were songs that we were familiar with and it proved how universal music is.

Today we arrived in Dublin and our bus tour came to a close. It was kind of sad say13092136_10207636402240777_2882307692130132984_ning goodbye to our tour guides. It was fun to hang out with them for a few days; we learned a lot about the Irish culture from them. I’ve noticed myself and everyone else starting to use the slang and phrases such as craic, feck, and grand, that they taught us.

Dublin is a lot different from Belfast and certainly the small towns and villages that we have recently been in. It is very fast paced and there are a lot more people out and about . We are settled in to our hostel, which is very nice and accommodating. It is nice to be able to settle in for the next week and not have to pack up and leave aga
in tomorrow. I am super excited for our next few days here in Dublin.


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