A week full of Owen Wilson “Wow”s



By Ally Hamzey

If I could summarize my reaction to the breathtaking, mind boggling sight that was Slieve League Cliffs, in a precise manner, it would be an Owen Wilson-esque, “Wow.”

In addition, I was unsure if the sights I saw yesterday were from a viral post on Tumblr or a green screen for an upcoming film, the soreness in my glutes would reassure me that it was in fact real.

The excitement and exhaustion created a juxtaposing, yet very genuine, consensus of emotion among the group today. A three day bus tour of extraneous physical activity and a roller coaster of overwhelming emotions is enough to exhaust a college student (Hey, not complaining, though).

That exhaustion mixed with a downpour of rain while climbing a muddy mountain was sure a sight to see. You’re lucky I’m not posting any photos of that aspect of my experience.

Our bus tour guide, Daithi, explained the belief and importance of fairies to Irish citizens. He explained that he wasn’t sure if they exist, but he wouldn’t mess with a fairy tree because “you don’t mess with something you don’t understand” (Isn’t that true!?).

A fairy tree.

We stopped at a fairy tree that sat next to a well of water. We were told that the legend said if you said a prayer or something of good intentions, got a string and dipped it in the water and tied it on the tree, your wish would come true. Once the string falls off the tree, it becomes true.


I find storytelling of what some may call “fictional” characters, or tall tales in Ireland very intriguing. They seem to be such a present, influential element of their culture and I can’t wait to learn more of their stories.

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