Dublin Day One


Dublin Day One

By Sarah Staelgraeve

It is May 20th  and we have been abroad for about a week now. To finish off the bus tour, we hiked up a tall mountain in a down pour to see a tomb and cave at the top. We also checked out a fairy tree. The people of Ireland take these kind of trees very seriously and never harm them or take them down. The story they tell is that years ago the fairies and humans teamed up to defeat an evil force and after they defeated it the humans got to keep the above ground and fairies got the underground. The fairies can travel above ground at night via these fairy trees. We got to tie a piece of string on one of the branches and make a wish. Legend has it that when that branch breaks, the wish will come true.


We arrived in Dublin and got all checked in by 5 o clock. It was time to explore our new city. The rest of the weekend is free to do whatever we want (and last blog post till Monday!).

The city of Dublin is a lot different than where we have spent the last two nights. The Shamrocker adventure tour bus showed us around the rural parts of Ireland, farmlands and small towns. It is now time to experience a city even bigger than Belfast. For me, the time in Dublin was something very much anticipated because I have heard the most about it before taking off for this trip. We quickly got ready and headed out to roam around the town. Countless numbers of stores, food places and bars. We were back in civilization and ready to see what Dublin had to offer.

pre-dinner selfie


We stopped in small café’s and bakery’s and finally made our way around to Ely Bar & Brasserie for dinner. It was an underground restaurant, the perfect way to start off the next few days. I got some kind of fish with a fancy name – it was delicious! After dinner we went to some of the local bars and had a great time. We finished the night off with a Papa John’s pizza which made me feel like I was back at school.

click here to see our amazing dinner place in Dublin



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lee says:

    Stories about fairy magic plus homemade donuts and Papa John’s pizza. Can it get any better than that?


  2. Grama and Grampa Staelgraeve says:

    We are enjoying your comments and trip to Ireland, are the donuts calorie free?


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