Hello, Dublin!


And we are on the road to Dublin! I finally caught up on all my much needed beauty sleep and can officially say I’m used to the time change… It’s about time!

During the Shamrocker Tour we were on a road trip all day while making stops all around Northern Ireland. The tomb we stopped at blew me away. They say this tomb is as old as StoneHedge and it is all speculation what exactly the purpose was for the shelter. Walking up the giant hill, I had no idea what we were about to embark on. At first glance, it looked like a pile of rocks. Once we found the entrance into the tunnel on the side, it all began to make sense. In the tunnel, there was three chambers with art on each end of the chamber. They believe the art was to depict the sun. During the sunrise, the sun shines its light to whichever sun to tell the time of the year. They assume the purpose of the tomb was to be a calendar to the people, but they think important people were buried within the rocks as bones have been found.

I was out of breath walking up the hill, I can not imagine the work people had to do to get all the stone to the top. As I reflect on the tomb, I compare it to today’s society. I look on my phone to see what day it is and what the future days have in store. The light shining on the art was the only way for people to know what day and season it was. Why was this important? People had to know when to grow their crops in order to survive. I am thankful for living in the times that I do.

We finally made it to Dublin! We found the most fabulous restaurant, Ely Bar, that opened ten years ago. It was used in the 1800s to hide alcohol and possessions when Dublin was being invaded! Well worth the expensive prices!!!!!


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