My “Top Gear” Moment!




My “Top Gear” Moment!

By Troy Hale

One of my favorite TV shows is the UK’s “Top Gear”. The show was once the most popular TV show in the world. Top Gear was translated into many different languages, and they sold the show to the USA. A version of it is now on the History Channel with American presenters.

The USA does this a lot. They take programs from the UK and make them into their own. A few examples: America’s Got talent (originally Britain’s got talent), American Idol, The Office, Coupling (Short lived in the USA.  The UK version has that actor from Pirates of the Caribbean), Who’s line is it Anyway, and many others.

But back to my favorite show, Top Gear. The show has 3 UK presenters. It was basically a car show with the different humorous presenters talking about different cars. In one part of the show they do a race. The race is a car against… well really anything. They could race a boat, an airplane, a train, a bike, anything fun they can think of.

A few days ago, I had an opportunity to take part in a similar race. We had stopped in a small Austrian town, and a few bikes were unloaded from our ship. 9 of us set out on an 18-mile bike ride as the other passengers, and crew, got back on the boat. We raced to the next city Melk. It was a really fun way to explore the Austrian countryside, and have a good challenge for the day as well.  (By the way, Austria has HUNDREDS of miles of bike paths along the rive.  We saw a number of people doing vacation on their bikes and traveling on this path!)

I’m happy to say, our group of 9 athletes were waiting at the dock for our ship to pull in.

Sometimes it is the road less traveled, that can bring one of the best stories.   I’m glad that the 9 of us have this story, the other 100 passengers didn’t get to experience.

So my challenge: take a walk down a side street, go where others don’t go, don’t always follow the pack. You may find stories that are unique to yourself.

Plus, I now get to tell people that I beat a boat in a race.

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