Taking on Dublin!


By Holly Harestad


Last day on the Shamrocker tour today! It has been so fun and I feel like I really got a feel for Ireland’s history which is super important and influential on a lot of people here today.  We woke up at the hostel, were made some coffee and off we went on our four hour long bus ride to our next couple of stops!

First up was described to us as a witches castle, which was kind of crazy. We walked up two huge hills through the pouring rain, which was kind of hilarious, mostly because my “Pug Me” umbrella proved to be very ineffective.  (Picture below)



Lol. Anyways, we finally got up to the rocks and were shown where they would’ve potentially held mass, made judgments on the punished people, and then they took us inside. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I didn’t even know there was an inside. By far one of the coolest experiences though. Walking into a huge rock cave that was constructed thousands and thousands of years ago is just awesome. Our tour guides mom was actually the one on this stop to explain this site to us, she told us about the three different little “holes” within the cave, that with the help of the sun, helped show the people what time of the year it was and when the best time to grow crops would be. She also said that it could’ve potentially been used to do ceremonies and/or burials at that time. Which was a little nerve-racking considering we were standing in the middle of it!


We ended our excursion that day visiting the “fairy tree.” I was definitely intrigued about why people still believed in these fairies and liked hearing about why they still do. Our guide explained one story in which a man in one of his groups had kicked the fairy tree while visiting, on the way back he slipped and literally broke his leg. Coincidence?!?! It was a really beautiful place however, you walk across a bridge with a little stream underneath and then you see the tree with little ties on it. We were able to tie our own on after dipping it in the holy well right underneath the tree, and then make a wish tying it on. Such a cool, magical place!

Ireland’s Fairy Trees



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Scott Harestad says:

    Sounds like an enchanting place, maybe someday I’ll get to go visit. Enjoy every moment Holly, so glad you were able to go enjoy this big adventure in your life. Love and miss you.



  2. Mom says:

    Honey these posts are so great! But, your mother is reading for grammar too, occupational hazard…so grammar check before you post!

    I l❤️Ve you so much!



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