The Causeway


Emily Morrow


Today was so far the most exciting day of the trip in my eyes. We left Belfast and carried onward towards the Giant’s Causeway, one of Ireland’s most beautiful attractions. I honestly could not believe my eyes when we finally arrived. The view was magical and the weather was beautiful I might add. This Causeway was a set of the filming of the show Game of Thrones. I have not watched the show too much but I could see why they chose this particular spot in Ireland to film such an epic show. Most of our time there was spent hiking up and down the cliffs above the Causeway. This was a once in a lifetime experience and was so fun to get to go outside and get active. I used up most of my phone battery today trying to take pictures of this unbelievable sight but no picture can do it justice. I was in awe.

After finally leaving the Giant’s Causeway, we made our way to what once was the biggest house in Ireland. This castle still has the majority of walls standing and overlooks an amazing ocean view. The house was abandoned when peace was broken and was left to erode on the cliffs. Our tour guide did an amazing job of telling us the fascinating stories of the family that lived there and explained what each room was used for. The architecture of this building was totally advanced for its time. It included drains and insulation and two fire ovens in the kitchen. At the time this castle was occupied, the residents were definitely living in luxury.

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