Views From The Cliffs


It was a rough bus trip filled with winding roads and carsickness. The 20 of us were dead tired from all the crazy adventure from yesterday but that didn’t stop us from doing more. The bus trip proved to be well worth it. We hopped out of the bus and walked our way up to what happened to be the best view of the trip so far, the Slieve League Cliffs. The Cliffs were a view that you can’t even begin to describe. No matter the weather, I could have stayed out there for hours in pure bliss. The stops we make continue to put me in awe.
After the motion sickness and breathtaking views, we finally made it to our hostel. The hostel was a cool little bed and breakfast. Our room had a nice view and a big bathroom so us chicks could not complain. We got ready and hit the village pub for some live music and Irish brews. We honestly had an amazing night we laughed and sang along to the music and got to know each other better. The pub had a traditional Irish feel to it and had welcoming locals that were interested in what brought us there. To me, its pretty cool to see that no matter where we come from, we all like to have a good time with cheers and music. I have learned over the past week that the locals all take pride in their traditions. Today was so eventful from seeing the craziest view of my life to realizing I’m making some awesome friends as we continue this journey together.

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