The World Outside of Hollywood Backlots


The reason why I’ll be binge-watching Game of Thrones when I return to the states.
May 19, 2016

Many, if not all, American television shows are filmed on a studio set in Hollywood. It’s rare that popular TV shows use on-location shooting. Here in Europe, many TV shows and movies take advantage of the beautiful scenery and historic locations during filming. Sure, sets are still used, but it’s much more common for TV and film productions to travel around the country in search of the perfect locations.

hollywood set.jpg
Classic Hollywood Set. Source

Over the past few days, we’ve seen plenty of locations used in shooting for Game of Thrones, and have been only a few miles from where Star Wars had been shooting earlier in the week. It’s crazy to think that little stone paths in the middle of nowhere have become tourist hotspots simply because they were in an episode of a TV series. The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland are one such location.

The Dark Hedges

Off in a remote area surrounded by farmland, there is a single road covered by 200 year-old beech trees. They run the length of the road leading up to an old mansion. You wouldn’t think much of them passing by. They weren’t made famous until the hit TV show Game of Thrones used the street as the location of “Kingsroad.” Although they used a lot of CGI to alter the location, it has become something extraordinary in the eyes of Game of Thrones fans.

Screencap from Game of Thrones. Source

Even though I don’t personally watch Game of Thrones, it was still really exciting to see The Dark Hedges. It’s really fascinating and inspiring to see how someone can look at an ordinary location and have such a grand vision for it.

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