Why cry over wi-fi?


Reagan Villet 5/19/16

I remember my 13th birthday like it was yesterday, because it was the day I got my first cell phone. Since then, I have had the world at my fingertips; my mom is only a text away, I can answer any question with a quick web search, I can snap a picture with quality that rivals an actual camera (and post it in less than a minute!). At home, I use my phone as a way to fill empty time, constantly reading news stories or scrolling through social media. However, today completely changed how I will forever look at my phone, and the need I have to be constantly connected. Our group traveled to the Slieve League cliffs, which was one of the most beautiful views I have seen in my entire life. Never before have I been surrounded by such breath-taking natural scenery. I don’t even think my dreams of landscapes could live up to this beauty.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
View from the hike to the top of Slieve League (5/19/16)
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Lush green hillside with a small “waterfall” on the hike up to the top of Slieve League (5/19/16)

I know I have said it probably 100 times already, but Ireland is absolutely stunning. There is so much green, so much untouched nature (*side note* there is also a lot of white speckled on this green, as there are literally millions of sheep covering the Irish countryside). I have seen some pretty amazing scenic views in my life, but nothing has taken my breath away quite like the Slieve League. My favorite part of the cliffs was the lack of wi-fi, leaving us to only focus on the views in front of us. While many of my classmates were struggling with the disconnection, I completely immersed myself in it. The lack of connection only made me focus more on the world surrounding me. I didn’t feel the need to share it right away, because any time spent on social media would take away from the time I could spend staring out over the seemingly never-ending beauty spread before me.

Some of the smaller cliffs at Slieve League (5/19/16)

As I mentioned in my last post, some of the views I have seen on this trip look like they are straight out of a movie. Never before have I seen such vibrant nature that was not photoshopped or CGI’d to improve it’s color or appearance. At one point, I seriously reached out over a ledge to feel for a green screen, because I could not bring myself to believe that the scenery in front of me was real. How have I gone my entire life without knowing that something this beautiful, this perfect, this awe-inspiring exists on the same planet that I wake up on every morning?

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Vibrant colored cliffs and ocean meeting at the Slieve League (5/19/16)

Overall, I would have to say that the Slieve League is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, comparable only to my one true love, President Barack Obama (fun fact, there is a village in Ireland that is completely “dedicated” to President Obama so you know where to find me when this trip is over!). I still cannot believe that I was able to see, in person, something that literally took my breath away. My only hope is that this little “wonder of the Irish world” will stay this way; untouched by human culture, natural disaster, or technology. We must remember that preservation is key, because I hope to one day allow my children to see the views that I have on this trip.

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin” -William Shakespeare

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  1. wanda villet says:

    what I remember about your 13th birthday is we celebrated it in Greece with you and sophie! now, almost seven years later you will be celebrating in the U.K. that is pretty good travel experience I would say.

    and you thought your nana just wasn’t technology savvy! however, your post explains
    perfectly why I don’t spend my time with a cell phone permanently perched in my hand, although useful, it is not like experiencing living the “real life”, or getting to know
    the people you meet on a daily basis. went out to eat with my friend yesterday at a nice restaurant, a family of four sat down at the table across from us, and other than place their order they did not look up from their devices until the food came, and even then they were distracted by them. on the other hand, my friend and I talked about your trip, the trips we had taken together, gardening etc. no need to be a voyeur with life, when you can actually experience it.

    while reading jasmine watts post I saw another piece of beauty, she is cute as a button,
    and loved that she called her uncle to get his reactions to her experience….. why wouldn’t he be proud of her………………… proud of everyone of you kids going for the unknown and stretching yourselves to actually experience new cultures and lands.

    xooxox thanks for sharing ! nana


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