Guinness Gracious


Today we were able to get a good look at how Guinness makes, and produces their famous beer. Not only was it interesting to see how they made their beer, but it was interesting to see on how many people actually drunk their complimentary beer. I for one, am not a huge fan of Guinness beer, but I also couldn’t pass up a free pint. IMG_1372Just a little background information, Guinness was started by a lad of the name of, Arthur Guinness in 1759. He began brewing Guinness during that time and little did he know, his stout became a huge hit in local pubs, and the lager went off the from there. Nearly 10 years later, the lager came into affect and Arthur was now shipping his beer into Great Britain, and from then on, Guinness has been a huge success in Europe. Fast forwarding into now-a-days, Guinness is one of the top leaders in sales in many countries (over 60), due to their rich and distinct taste. In our tour, we got a glimpse of what their advertising is like, and what they’ve used in earlier times and presentIMG_1373. During the tour, specifically in the advertising section of the tour, they had a section where they played some of their more recent advertisements. It was personally my first time seeing these few commercials that they had on display, and I can honestly say that they were great. Inside each of the commercials, they had a deeper message into them. The whole commercial was about their “Guinness Black Lager”, and the whole message was to promote how black is not only just a color, but it is a way of life. It is said that the target audience was directed towards Africans, and the premise of the ad was a way of”fueling a new, progressive spirit of Africa.” For the first time seeing this ad, I loved the whole aspect of the video, very creative and colorful, along with a message that reaches out to an audience on all  different levels.

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