Guinness is Genius (and Gross)


By Emma Fleming

To start off, I haven’t blogged in a few days…we had the weekend off to explore the city of Dublin! A quick overview of my weekend: we walked around aimlessly looking for nothing in particular and found the spire of Dublin, dozens of delicious restaurants and obviously the temple bar area. Dublin has the big city feel of Chicago but with a more authentic, old school feeling.

Today, we were able to tour Parliament, but we were not able to take pictures in the building itself (but we had the best tour guide. You could tell he loved his job and really enjoyed what he was doing). We then made our way to the event I was most looking forward to- the Guinness storehouse. We made our way through the building, stopping at a tasting room, the advertising (woo) floor, and finally the gravity bar on the seventh floor.

Walking through the advertising level made me realize how Guinness has built their brand. They started off by saying Guinness makes you stronger and is good for you. Both very bold and slightly aggressive statements but they somehow seemed to work with the public. As the company evolved, they created ads with characters that consumers can latch onto and remember. It still amazes me how one company is able to continue to push the boundaries of a typical ad while keeping a loyal following. Although I definitely wasn’t the biggest fan of Guinness (picture below), something seems to keep the customers coming back.

Face after our first sip of Guinness…maybe next time

I would highly recommend the Guinness museum…but maybe not the actual Guinness. The seventh floor view alone is beyond worth it. It is so incredibly done and extremely interactive and it doesn’t ever hurt to get a free drink at the end. Nothing tastes better than free am I right?! Tomorrow, Trinity college then off to Wales!

P.S. I booked my trip to Amsterdam yesterday and am looking for places to go/sights to see!

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