Guinness is good for you?!


By Jasmine Watts


When I got to Ireland all I saw was Guinness signs. It seemed like no other beer existed. My parents are Corona people and I’m not too fond of beer. But with all the talk of Guinness I just knew it had to be good. I had a sip of Guinness on one of our first nights out and it was confirmed that I’m still not a beer person.

Me at the Guinness Storehouse entrance

Today we went to the Guinness Storehouse. For anyone coming to Dublin, I’d 100% recommend going. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was certainly worth while. They showed us the ingredients, the process of it being made, showed us how to drink it as the taste testers do, and we got to make a pint of our own Guinness.

On the seventh floor of the Guinness Storehouse with the pint of Guinness I made.

On the third floor, was the advertising portion of Guinness. They probably have the best advertising team in the world! Their commercials were amazing. They had great music selections that matched the theme of the brand. The beer is dark but the commercials were vibrant with catchy slogans. It made me want to give Guinness another try (and I did).

Guinness is not just a beer, it’s a brand. It’s obvious that Ireland prides itself on this brand. I’ve never seen so many hats, coasters, cups, towels, watches, lighters and other contraptions all of the same brand. The Guinness storehouse has a massive store, marketing all these things but I saw this brand at different stores all across Dublin, Belfast, and small villages we visited.

The official Guinness store at the Storehouse

Guinness’ advertisements are so clever. They market Guinness as “being good for you”, and I think the people of Ireland truly believe it. For a brand that’s been around almost 300 years, with award winning advertisements, it’s hard to think its not good for you.

If I was an advertising major, I think my dream job would be to work with Guinness. I’ve learned so much about their brand today. It’s fun, vibrant and historic, the possibilities are endless of all the fun things you could do to market it. Through their advertisements, I saw a lot of diversity and bringing people together, which I don’t see a lot of from many companies. It made me feel a connection to the brand. Though I’m not a beer person, I’d choose Guinness any day. Besides, it might be good for me! Right?

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