“I’ll have a water instead.”


“I’ll have a water instead.”

By Colleen Ferguson
May 23, 2016

I will start off by saying that I think the taste of Guinness is comparable to licking a tree. Naturally, when we went to the Guinness Storehouse today I picked up my pint just long enough to take one or two Snapchats, then I was back to drinking my Sprite.

Pints of Guinness we poured 

It seems like Ireland wouldn’t be whole without the Guinness logo lining the streets almost everywhere you look. From Belfast, to Dublin and even the small village of Glencolumbkille, Guinness’s advertising has surrounded us these past two weeks.


Entrance to the advertising section in Guinness
My pint of Guinness that stayed this full

What I find most interesting is the transition of the way Guinness has marketed themselves over the past few centuries. As we walked through the Guinness Storehouse we saw the evolution of their advertising. Starting as a company that described their brand as “good for you” and evolving to one of the most recognizable beers in the world, Guinness has always been a step ahead in the advertising industry.

Our tour showed us the evolution of some of the most iconic mascots of Guinness as well, from the Toucan to the Seal, Guinness has used unique approaches to grasp the world’s attention. The advertising firm of S.H. Benson took on Guinness as a client and let the way in each of their bold attempts to gain the public’s attention with mascots like the Toucan.

Today, Guinness still holds the title as one of the most iconic brands in the world. In my opinion, that can be almost completely credited to the work of S.H. Benson and the advertising campaigns that have paved the way to fame for this company.


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