My Goodness My Guinness


By Morgan Lauer


Today was our third day in Dublin. The past few days have been spent exploring the city; good food, a pub crawl, shopping, a bus tour, and even a celebrity spotting. Today, we toured both Parliament and the the Guinness Storehouse.

IMG_6431The Storehouse tour is a really cool experience. Each floor of the building tells part of the beer’s story. It begins on the ground floor where you learn what goes into making the beer. You are even able to feel the yeast and see some of the hops. From there, the first floor tells about the beers journey around the globe. Starting in 1769, the beer is now shipped to over 150 countries. On the second floor, there is a tasting experience. The third floor is all about the advertising over the years. On the fourth floor is the Guinness Academy where you can learn how to pour a pint, and on the next few floors is a restaurant. Finally, on the highest floor, is the gravity bar where you get a free pint and an incredible 360 degree view of Dublin. IMG_6406

Besides the view and the pint, my favorite part of the tour was the World of Advertising on the third floor. Guinness definitely does not lack in creativity and imagination. It was interesting to see their advertising journey through digital, print and t.v. campaigns. From circus animals to enga
ging t.v. commercials, it is obvious that Guinness has successfully branded itself through genius advertising.



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