Oh, Guinness!


By Holly Harestad

We are back from our weekend adventures today and onto new ones back together with the whole group! We started this morning out meeting up with Sue and the entire group in the lobby and walking to the Dail (aka Irish Parliament)! Once we arrived, I didn’t realize it was so tucked in with the rest of the city. However, turn the corner and you see how massive the entire building really is.


We met up with our tour guide, who was totally into his job which made it that much more fun for us to hear about what he had to say. We started out in the first out of two chambers, he explained to us his role when in session. (Which proved to be very interesting, he’s the one who controls who is speaking over the microphone, he told us that if you air the wrong person speaking, it could end not too well.) He then went on to show us the second chamber, that used to be a ballroom around the 1780’s, which again is so insane to think about. Standing in the same room with the same walls hundreds of years later.

Next up was lunch and then off to Guinness! (Adding this picture because the place we ate lunch had my favorite flower in my favorite color as their center piece and I loved it.)


When first arriving at Guinness we were told to explore the seven separate floors on our own and then meet up at the Gravity Bar at the very top of the building! Each floor had something totally different to offer. One was a “tasting” floor, which gave us a chance to see what we’d be drinking at the bar because, you know, free pint. Others showed their advertising which was so awesome to see, they had a whole room with screens and a music video like commercial playing music.

You really saw on the advertising floor a lot of progression and changing of their branding over time. I think that that’s something to think about because it has to be new and exciting and keep it’s customers interested in what they’ve been having to offer. Just like the room/screen wall I saw. Guinness has proved for years to be an impressive advertising company and a great beer one at that.

Seventh floor, best floor. I’d have to say. We reached the top and had thee most incredible views of Dublin and finally received our free dark, dark, DARK, Guinness beer. Not sure I’m the biggest beer fan overall, but today I pretended. So lucky I was able to experience today and cannot wait for the rest of the week! Tomorrow, a tour of Trinity college in Dublin and then Wednesday we are off to Wales! Yay!


 The Evolution of Guinness Advertising

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