Pouring and Touring



Emily Morrow


So check it out, I have now crafted The Perfect Pint of Guinness.

Today, another day in Dublin, we toured the Guinness Storehouse, the original Guinness Brewery. Upon entering the beautifully constructed building, we first got to see the ingredients of the brew, basically, what makes a Guinness a Guinness.  The beginning of the tour had a cool modern-like feel to it. All of us students really enjoyed the feel and look of the place and were excited to see that on the 3rd floor, it was all about advertising for Guinness. The floor showcased the beginning of Guinness advertising up to modern-day advertisements. It was awesome to see the changes of it over time. We really enjoyed this aspect of the tour.

As we went up to the next floor it was about time for us to taste the unique beer for ourselves. We not only we able to taste it, we poured our very own pint of Guinness. The bartender taught us exactly how to tip the glass to get the perfect amount of foam at the top and they all turned out beautifully! The Irish really love their Guinness they treat it like the god of all beers. Pouring a Guinness oddly enough felt like painting a masterpiece.

After the pour, we made our way up to the 360 view gravity bar at the top of the building. We were able to sip (or chug whatever you prefer) our beers and enjoy the breathtaking skyline of Dublin. The vibes on this tour were just what I like; cool, interesting, and relaxing by the end of it. 🙂

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