Touring Guinness: Studying abroad is hard


By Ally Hamzey


Yet another incredibly boring and uneventful day passed by on my study abroad today as we toured the Guinness Storehouse and the Irish Parliament. I mean, could class get worse as a study abroad student?

(Was that too sarcastic? Anyways.)

I was enthralled by the museum in its entirety, but even more intrigued by the advertising exhibit. Everyone who knows of Guinness beer is more than aware of the company’s unique and memorable advertising.

I found the evolution of themes in the adverts to be among the most interesting component of the museum. The inspiration for the origins of Guinness advertising came from a carnival, and that is much less of a surprise once you see the numerous amount of creatures used in the brand’s early advertisements. From toucans to sea lions to fish to kangaroos, the list goes on of animals used for advertising.

The juxtaposition of cute animals and alcohol in advertising was a unique advertising method in itself. I had no idea the brand used that technique in their early ads, and it was a little weird to see, quite honestly. I don’t usually connect alcohol ads to cute animals. The humor of connecting those animals to beer is what I assume reeled customers in.


The varying themes of Guinness advertising throughout the years is quite noticeable. The company surely doesn’t use a cute turtle to promote their brand today. I thought it was interesting how themes of masculinity and strength was another transition of theme early on in the Guinness advertising campaigns.

Maybe it was the surround sound and the ginormous screen that did it, but just watching the current Guinness advertisements in the museum gave me chills. The brand connects such bigger themes and messages to their beer and it really does resonate with myself and other people.I believe what message they are construing. Seeing what a simple advertisement on paper or what a quick commercial can do for a brand’s image stuck with me today. Plus, the views weren’t so bad on the top floor in the tasting room, either!


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