What rhymes with Guinness? Christmas…basically.


Guinness oh Guinness we meet again. Today I had the privilege of touring the Guinness factory where I was able to not only drink the Guinness but become a Guinness pouring professional. Today I started to pay attention to the different media platforms that Guinness uses as well as analyzed the different forms of advertising. The way they do advertising is like no other, I was sold just walking by the place. There were 7 different floors and I only made it to the fifth and I was overwhelmed with all the advertisements. Each floor had some sort of media interaction which made the experience that much more enjoyable. One thing that really caught my interest was the advertising archive wing of the building. There were iPads you could scroll through to check out all the old ads as well as the new ones. They call this place the heart of Dublin and I can see why and not because of the the free sampling (though this is a bonus) but because of its history! The gravity bar is what made the trip for me. The views were astounding and there were open windows everywhere so the room was well lit and that made the view that much better. Advertising for Guinness is huge, not everyone likes the taste of socks…I mean Guinness but everyone that takes a trip there wants a Guinness if not to drink…at least a selfie for the gram. Today was like no other and I wish I could have brought my dad along for the ride.


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