Trinity College vs. Michigan State University


By Jasmine Watts


Today we took a tour of the renowned Trinity College. I was surprised that such a prestigious school had such a small campus.

There are many differences in Trinity College and MSU. Trinity College currently has 17,000 students but only 800 on campus residential rooms. So unlike MSU, where they encourage students to sign up for on campus housing, the students of Trinity must compete to get on campus rooms. The students who pass an exam given to them their sophomore year will be known as the “scholars” and they are the only people eligible for on campus housing.

One of the residential halls at Trinity that is known to be haunted.

One difference between the schools that blew my mind was the tuition. Trinity College students only pay 3,000 euro a year in tuition compared to the $26,000 (in state) a year at MSU. This was insane to me! I personally know a lot of very educated people that can’t go to the college of their choice or go to college at all because they can’t afford it. If the cost of higher education in the U.S. was as cheap as here in Ireland, there would be far more people with degrees and far less student debt. However, this would make the job market extremely competitive. Certain degrees would be worth almost nothing. There are pros and cons to both situations.

Another cool thing about Trinity college is it’s huge tourist attraction, the Book of Kells. The line to go see it was ridiculous but I knew the wait would be worth it. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures of it, but the image will forever be engraved in my mind. The artwork in it was beautiful. It’s amazing that the book has been preserved so long and is held right on Trinity’s campus. Their old library had a lot of other historic artifacts and statues. I wonder what MSU would be like if we had a historic piece such as the Book of Kells.

And of course, in order to exit the library, we had to go through the gift shop. They had everything from Trinity College apparel, to puzzles and artwork. I can only imagine how many customers they’ve reeled in trying to see the Book of Kells and walk out with a bag full of Trinity College gear and Book of Kells replica paintings. Good advertising strategy.



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