Feeling Inspired!


By Brooke Segal

One of my favorite memories of high school was touring colleges. There is something about the different architecture and vibes at each university. A beautiful campus and positivity from students is what made me pick Michigan State University, which has led me on this month long adventure. Walking into Trinity College in Dublin, my mouth dropped. I was overwhelmed with the design of the school and the history behind it all. The school was bought by Queen Elizabeth in 1592 and funded by parliament.

Here is more about the history about the school!

Not only was I captivated by look of the school, but the school system compared to the US are complete opposites. A undergraduate degree at Trinity is approximately 3000 euros. I am a out of state student at MSU, therefore I pay quadruple that amount to further my education. Scholarships are not given, but earned. Tests are taken and only 70 out of the 700 students (out of the 11,000 students) that qualify pass the test.  Once you pass the test, all tuition, room and board are given to you. Including tuition for a masters degree. The atmosphere at the university has me inspired to study abroad for a semester at a university. I am impulsive, so we will see if it actually happens. You never know!

The university is a hot tourism spot with the possession of the Book of Kells and the original library. The university has all rights to the books in Ireland. The Library was straight out of Harry Potter, but the original books written in the 1800s was amazing.


Got a long travel day tomorrow (9 hours in fact)! Goodbye Dublin!

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