Ireland, You Are Grand. (Craic is 91)


Ireland, You Are Grand. (Craic is 91)

By Colleen Ferguson
May 24, 2016

 Oh Ireland, how I will miss your strange phrasing and pronunciation of words.

Today is our final day in Ireland; it has been wonderful to begin our trip here and to coexist with such a hospitable group of people for the past 11 days. To start in a country that is so easygoing has calmed all of my worry and anxiety and let me truly enjoy what Ireland has had to offer. With that being said, I am thrilled to continue the journey back into the UK for the final three weeks.

The friendly Irish boys from Belfast

The picture above really captures the Irish people from my perspective. Quick to come up to you and have a chat, very expressive and you feel like you’ve known them your whole life. Their friendliness is almost unparralelled and it makes you feel at home (even if they are flipping you off).

Ireland, I will miss you.

I know that the Irish are portrayed in the media as being very friendly and happy people and I wonder if this treatment is going to continue as we move onto Wales and the other locations in the UK. I am particularly interested to see if our weekend trip to Paris is going to fulfill the stereotypes of the French people. It seems that the French get a bad rap and pushed into the category as being stuck-up and rude. I also know that many tell you that the people in France respect you more if you attempt to speak French to them. For me, I feel as if this will cause the opposite effect since my attempts to pronounce their words sounds like loud gibberish.

Only nine days until Paris where I can test my wonderful French from second grade language class.


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