Miss Ya Already, Ireland


By Holly Harestad

Today marks our eleventh day in Ireland! It has been such an incredible experience and I have had so  many unbelievable opportunities thus far. Sad to have to say we are leaving such a beautiful place. We started out the day finding our way to Trinity college, where a student who attends the school currently would be showing us around and giving us a little history!


The college itself was just so beautiful that it was hard not to enjoy your time there. Our guide began the tour explaining to us that Queen Elizabeth bought and founded Trinity college after being gifted the land from her father, King Henry. Since then, the amount of students attending has seen numbers skyrocket from 800, to around 3,000 and today’s population of around 17,000 students.

For such a huge population the campus is quite a close knit community, with a lot of various building activities right there in the middle of campus. Pictured above, is a church, cafeteria, and student residences. It was interesting to hear about all of the superstitions as well such as walking under the bell which, if it began to ring while you were under, would mean you would fail your final exams. No thank you. 🙂


Something that really struck me towards the end of the tour was that students in attendance of the college have a yearly tuition of around 3,000 euros. My mouth dropped. Throughout the entire trip I have felt extremely blessed and lucky to have such an opportunity to be studying abroad in such beautiful places. This fact however just made me realize what an amazing family and support system I have in order to partake and further my education.

After the tour ended, in one of the libraries held the “Book of Kells.” Trinity college is home to this ninth century gospel manuscript that is famous throughout the world.

More about the Book of Kells + it’s home!

We ended the rest of the day with getting to know downtown Dublin one last time. I am so in love I’m not ready to say goodbye yet! Coming back is 100% on my things-to-do list. We had lunch at a Lebanese restaurant that, kid you not, was my favorite meal so far. (Anywhere that sells corn on the cob has my heart.)  And the best hummus I think I’ve ever had.

For mine, and possibly your future reference, click here for all of that yummy goodness.

A group of us then came across a street performer. Minding our own business, we watched from the crowd, snap chatting his flame throwing ability. Little did I know that about ten seconds later, he would be pulling me from the crowd, and telling me I would be throwing knives to him. (If you know me, I am uncoordinated and should not be handling knives let alone throwing them up at someone on a ten foot tall unicycle, ha.) But it happened, I didn’t wait for him to count until three to throw them but we all made it out alive. Phew.

Next stop, Wales!!!!

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