Trinity College


Today, we had the chance to visit Trinity College which is in the heart of Dublin. The college itself was established in the 1500’s and is still functioning and educating students to this day. Our tour guide was a student of the college and he stated that the college has about 17,000 students, so not nearly as much as Michigan State University, averaging with almost 45,000 students. Furthermore, our guide later explained that Trinity College can only house about 800 students on campus, so most of them either can compete for a spot to live on campus, or many choose to live at home, or in an apartment.

Trinity College Museum

In the middle of Trinity College, the yard that is surrounded by the campus, is called the Parliament Square. It is a large area of grass for students to relax and hangout waiting for their next class. The college also holds one of the largest private-parties in the world on the Parliament Square, allowing musicians, and DJ’s from all over the world to come and have a good time usually at the end of the school year.

Our tour guide explained to us that it wasn’t until 1904 that women couldn’t attend Trinity College, because of a man named George Salmon. He said, that once Salmon finally signed the papers to allow women to attend the college, that he was “only signing with his hand and not his heart”. Unfortunately Salmon later died when women first started to attend the college. Oh the irony.

To finish our tour, we were lucky enough to go and explore the famous “Book of Kells“. The Book of Kells were written over 1,000 years ago. Monks wrote the books about God’s word and what his purpose was. These works later transcribed into a special type of literature that is dear to the Ireland culture. In the picture below, is the library where the Book of Kells are located and there is approximately over 200,000 books that are kept in this library.

Library at Trinity College

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