Trinity; turning darkness into light


Today was a day to be remembered. I didn’t think I was going to like visiting Trinity nearly as much as I actually did. I was able to visit Trinity university and speak to an actual student from there. He told us all about the campus and about the history of course but what I found most interesting was the tuition rates. We come from a place where education isn’t valued nearly as much as it should be as a whole. The man I spoke with said he pays about 3 grand a year…for us it’s about 7 grand or more (and that’s if you’re not out of state) for just the semester. The scholarship program there is very competitive but the reward that comes with it makes it all worth it. If you’re an exceptionally good student at have benefits on benefits on benefits. Housing is so limited but if you are a scholar you’re guaranteed a spot as well as a free three course meal a day and can get a phd at no additional cost. I learned all this before I even walked through the college!!!! I loved the school so much and not just for its beautiful architecture but for its history. I feel so honored to have gotten to go and see Trinity. I bought a t-shirt for myself with the logo and I’m so excited to wear it when I get back home! I can’t say I can relate today to media or even journalism but I can relate to the college and I loved everything about it!

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