More than the typical beer company


By Camille Douglas


The afternoon of today, as many of my peers and I were most excited for, was dedicated to touring Guinness, the brewery. Guinness has completely impacted the history of Ireland. Walking through Dublin these past couple of days, one can easily see that the locals celebrate the beer and are very proud of all of its international success.

The front gates of the Guinness factory. 

I’m not a beer kind of person, but touring the factory and seeing how the beer is crafted, was a new experience for me. The third floor was completely dedicated to the evolution of the company’s advertising, which intrigued me the most. I found it completely interesting and also hilarious that Guinness paired their craft with cute animals of circus in the very first of their ad campaigns.

An example of an early Guinness ad that featured a circus animal. 

I was in awe after watching some of their commercials they had displayed, stunned that I didn’t know that their advertisements were just that good. The themes of the commercials were to exemplify strength and unity.  I went back to the hostel that night to watch some more, curious as to what more I could discover. I found one commercial, in particular, that I reignited with me. The commercial (which I will have linked below) is about a team playing wheelchair basketball. After the game is over, you see that not all of them are disabled, only one is. It is revealed that it seemed that they were using the wheelchairs to include their friend in the game. What made this ad exceptional to me is that the characters are presented as sensitive individuals with a compassion for both sports and friendship. Their kindness is defined just as much as their physical strength.


The entrance to the third floor of the Guinness Museum, where all of the advertising is located.

This commercial and the others I saw in the museum, all have the same or similar aim, and that is to bring all different groups and types of people together. It’s like the beer serves as the first common ground into starting a relationship. I admire the slogan and what the brand stands for. Also, the other commercials that I have seen of Guinness are very much different, in my opinion, then many of the beer advertisements in America. A lot of beer commercials from the U.S., I see, mainly have to do with sports related things, such as guys watching a football game. With Guinness and the ads I saw, they tackle social issues and go beyond the typical sports atmosphere that is associated with other beer companies. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Guinness museum, even though I didn’t like the taste of the beer.


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