Cya Cardiff!


By Emma Fleming

Today was quite an interesting day to say the least. Let me rewind a little and start from the beginning. Yesterday we had about an 8 hour travel day…a 3 and a half hour ferry ride (which was fabulous because I napped pretty much the whole time) and a 4 and a half hour train ride through Wales. Having never been to the U.K. before, I really hadn’t heard much or anything at all about Wales, so I came in with a relatively open mind. After arriving early in the evening, I got some rest and was ready for the next day (today)!

We began the day by going to the Dr. Who experience museum/tour. I have to be honest when I say I haven’t been that confused in a while- I didn’t know what the show was, couldn’t really get myself into the whole idea of it and probably looked at our guide like he was speaking Gibberish. After a quick lunch, we headed over to an advertising agency named Golley Slater. This might’ve been one of my favorite experiences this trip. Not only did this visit solidify the decision of my major, it made me excited to learn more about it and work in this amazing field.


I always think to myself how its a little odd that I’m in the advertising field because I don’t think of myself as the creative type, but I heard something today that will stick with me for the rest of my life. The Director of Advertising, Mike Leeson, said “you don’t have to be a creative to work in advertising, but it helps to be creative.” It really connected with me also when he said that he knows that he is in no sense creative, but he is still very successful in the advertising field and knew he wanted to work with creative people. I believe that people around you inspire you in ways that cannot be explained. The energy around you determines how you act.

Golly Slater advertising agency

The people who spoke to us seemed so passionate about their work that it almost made me want to spend the rest of the day there and work with them. During the presentation, I asked if it makes them work harder if they are working on a campaign that they are interested in. They both answered yes and mentioned that in order to be in advertising, you need to be talented and nice, not just one or the other. I really wish I could put into words how much these people inspired me today and how content I am with my (hopefully successful) future but sometimes the thoughts in my head just cannot be translated into my writing.

Tomorrow we are headed to London for two weeks and I am elated to not be living out of a suitcase and maybe make a home cooked meal or two!

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  1. Mom says:

    Yay Emma!!! So glad you are liking not only the trip but the education behind it! Go girl 😘


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