Dr… Who?


Dr… Who?

By, Colleen Ferguson
May 26, 2016

Well, I didn’t cry on the tour today so that is a step in the right direction. I am slowly getting over my strange fear of rides and any sort of attraction really.

Today, our first (and last) day in Cardiff we started off the day by going to the set of Dr. Who in Cardiff Bay. I have heard of the show before from my brother, Kevin, but I really didn’t know too much about it besides that it has been going on for quite some time (since the 1960s).

I cannot get over how big of a fan base they have here. Especially since Dr. Who is something I have never really known much about. The locals were explaining to me just how much of a role that the show plays in the culture of the United Kingdom. The couple I was talking to told me that the when the show is on, the phone stops ringing, Facebook is dead, and no one says a word to each other. Those 30 minutes of airtime make the UK go silent.

A poster inside of the Dr. Who tour

I don’t feel like the US has had a show like that since something like Friends or Seinfeld blessed our television screens once a week back in the 90s. Today, we have such a plethora of options to choose from it is hard to get a show that can touch multiple generations like Dr. Who can.


As for tomorrow when we arrive in London, this will be the song I’ll be playing…


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