Know Your Audience.

Our adventure starts in the lobby.

Know Your Audience.

By Allison Mazur

May 26, 2016

Today we met with executives at Golley Slater, and it was honestly one of the coolest “real-world” job experiences I have had thus far. Golley Slater is an advertising agency that works with Mitsubishi Motors, David’s Bridal, Crocs, the Army, Visit Wales, the Cardiff Airport, and so on. When I hear “ad agency,” I usually think yawn, simply because it’s not my discipline and I typically associate advertising with massive corporations. But Golley Slater works with nonprofits and the government in addition to corporations, turning the traditional ad agency on its head. (Golley Slater and Wales in general actually reminded me a lot of Old Town Lansing, which was a nice piece of home.)

Some of Golley Slater’s teapot collection in their meeting room. It is the United Kingdom, after all.

What really struck me at Golley Slater was how there are so many disciplines involved in an ad agency, not just Creatives. There’s market research, planning, client relations, media, and more involved in the whole process. Jake, a media account executive at Golley Slater, gave us the run down of what he does in his position. He oversees getting the creatives and ads to be featured on a variety of media platforms, whether that is Instagram, websites, or Facebook.

A peek into their offices at Golley Slater.

I found Jake’s work similar to what I do as the Marketing Intern at the MSU Union. I run the Twitter and Facebook for the MSU Union as well as create innovative marketing and branding strategies and campaigns. With varying social media platforms I have noticed that certain posts will work better on one platform over another. Sometimes this is because of the unique intricacies of each platform, but it mostly comes down to who your audience is. In my position at the MSU Union, I have noticed our Twitter followers tend to be students whereas Facebook is primarily used by our alumni network.

I’m going to let you in on a key to success: know who your audience is. Golley Slater certainly knows how to do this. In their presentation to us, they made sure to ask us what each of us were studying and that way they could tailor their advice. They also made sure to use examples that were applicable to us. While explaining how he uses Facebook ads, Jake used camping in Michigan as an example of a holiday a company may want to advertise. Knowing who your audience is and how to effectively reach them is what makes advertising such a huge success. If you broadcast your message to a wide audience, it may encourage a few people to purchase your product. But it’s definitely more effective to find customers predisposed to liking your brand or product and targeting them with the same advertisements.

Thank you again Golley Slater for your wonderful hospitality, welcoming us into your agency, and taking us out for drinks after!

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